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Packing Artwork, Part 5



    • Straight edge -- preferably metal

    • Matte knife -- retractable

    • Masking tape -- drafting & painters tape are also okay

    • Packing tape -- brown, clear or filament

    • Cutting board

    • Bubble wrap

    • Foam
    • Styrofoam
    • Extra cardboard -- corrugated

    • Thin foam -- optional

    • Cardboard box -- Choose a corrugated cardboard box that is close in size to your wrapped paintings.



    The box within a box technique is the final step in protecting delicate three-dimensional artwork.



    Label the Small Boxes

    Once all your pieces have been packed in their interior boxes, you are ready to do the final packing. Paste a label on each box. Include your name, address and contact information.  Add information about the contents of the box and which box it is of how many.


    Final Thoughts

    Label the larger box as fragile, even if the contents aren't. Include a packing list inside the larger box. The packing list should list all the contents in case the box is damaged and the work gets separated. 

    Tape the top of the box closed tightly. Seal the edges as well.  Address the box with a waterproof marker. Be sure to include your return address.