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Packing Artwork, Part 4



    • Straight edge -- preferably metal

    • Matte knife -- retractable

    • Masking tape -- drafting & painters tape are also okay

    • Packing tape -- brown, clear or filament

    • Cutting board

    • Bubble wrap

    • Foam
    • Styrofoam
    • Extra cardboard -- corrugated

    • Thin foam -- optional

    • Cardboard box -- Choose a corrugated cardboard box that is close in size to your wrapped paintings.



    Extra care needs to be taken when shipping three-dimensional art. If the piece is fragile, you would ideally like to build your own crate. But if that is cost prohibitive, then you can always ship your work using an ordinary cardboard box and foam.


    Build A Packing System:

    To ship work in a cardboard box, you will want to build a foam lining tailored for your piece.  Cut at least three layers of foam to fit and fill your box. Cut a shape to hold your sculpture in the center square of foam. This will fully protect your object.


    Pack The Box:

    Place the bottom and center foam layers in the box. Wrap the sculpture in plastic to protect its surface and place it in the hole created for it.  Add the last layer or layers of foam to fill the box.



    Final Thoughts:

    Make sure that the packing system you make is easy for the gallery to re-pack.  You can cut a notch in the foam so that it can only fit into the box one way. Include step-by-step instructions in the box for how to un-pack and pack your artwork.