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    With your mat cut and artwork mounted, you are ready to frame. Gather all your materials and tools in advance. Double-check your matted artwork and make sure that all the cut edges are smooth. If you have rough spots, you can smooth them by running your thumbnail across them with gentle pressure.  A bookbinder's bone can be used to burnish minor bumps as well. If some of your cuts feel a bit rough use an emery board to make small corrections to them. Be sure the emery board is white so that it doesn't discolor your mats.



    • Frame
    • Bone or plastic paper folder and scorer to smooth the mat board cuts
    • White emery board
    • "Invisible Glass" glass cleaner
    • Microfiber cloth--use a lint-free cleaning cloth
    • Craft paper for sealing the back of the frame from dust
    • Archival double-sided tape or other adhesive
    • D-rings and small screws to hold the hanging wire
    • Cordless screwdriver or drill to secure the D-rings
    • Flathead screwdriver for pressing down the frame tabs
    • Braided wire to hang the fame


    Cleaning the Frame
    After unwrapping the frame, clean the framing glass or plexi-glass using a microfiber cloth and Invisible Glass. Be sure to clean both sides, and blow all of the dust out of the frame before replacing the glass.



    Framing the Artwork
    Slip the matted artwork into the frame. If your backing board is too thin you can always add a second backing board to add rigidity.

    Bend the tabs back into place using a screwdriver. Double-check your work.



    Sealing the Back of the Frame

    Seal the back of the frame with craft paper to keep dust and bugs out. Place your frame on the craft paper and mark the sides of the paper with a pencil. Cut the backing paper out with a rotary cutter, a box cutter or scissors. Apply an adhesive to the back edge of the frame. You can use archival glue or double-sided tape. Adhere the paper and smooth.



    Preparing the Frame for Hanging

    With the back side of the frame facing up, make a mark less that halfway down from the top along the side edge. Use a small ruler to measure and mark both side edges correspondingly.

    Using a small drill bit, pre-drill a small hole for the screws on both sides of the frame. Attach the D-rings using small screws. A cordless screwdriver makes this easy.

    Loop the wire across the back for hanging. Put your name on the back. If you are shipping the framed piece be sure to protect the corners of the frame with extra padding.