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Shoot In a Cove


    Key Points to Remember

    • Shooting with an enclosed tent will allow you to eliminate reflections and control shadows to create and evenly lit background.
    • Works well for three-dimensional objects.
    • DIY diffusion panels are placed on both side of the object and white foam core (or diffusion material) is placed on top of the panels to create a tent.
    • To eliminate reflections in glass subjects caused by objects in front of the subject and behind the camera, covered your set with diffusion material or white paper. Then aim the camera through a hole in the front material.
    • The tent could be made from a large cardboard box with windows cut out for the light/diffusion material. Since cardboard is brown and can reflect back onto your subject, make sure the inside of the box is white for more accurate color.
    • Turn your flash ?off? for accurate color and to preserve the control of your lighting set up.
    • Set the camera?s white balance to ?tungsten? and use 2-3 200watt soft white lightbulbs to light your set.
    • To avoid camera shake and blurry images, use a tripod, activate the self timer function, prefocus with the shutter release button, wait for the focus confirmation (either green light or audible beep), and use a tripod, along with the camera?s self timer function.
    • Bracket your exposures with exposure compensation, and shoot with the tungsten white balance setting.

    Example Image