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Raised Off Background


    Key Points to Remember

    • Use foam core or wooden blocks to lift your subjects off your shooting surface.
    • Allow your main light to dictate the direction of your shadows.
    • Use a white foam core to reflect/bounce light back into your scene to control the strength of the shadows. A closer reflector/bounce card will yield softer shadows while farther away will yield stronger shadows.
    • Turn your flash ?off? for accurate color and to preserve the control of your lighting set up.
    • Set the camera?s white balance to ?tungsten? and use 2-3 200watt soft white lightbulbs to light your set.
    • To avoid camera shake and blurry images, use a tripod, activate the self timer function, prefocus with the shutter release button, wait for the focus confirmation (either green light or audible beep), and use a tripod, along with the camera?s self timer function.
    • Bracket your exposures with exposure compensation, and shoot with the tungsten white balance setting.

    Example Images