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Overview of Equipment


    Key Points to Remember

    • This video will show some inexpensive items available from hardware stores, art supply stores, and around the house to build lighting set ups with good results to enhance the photography of your work.
    • Get (3) "clamp on" work lights that will accept bulbs up to 200 watts.
    • Use of A-clamps will help safely hold the lights to a chair or door as a DIY light stand.
    • Use standard "soft white" light bulbs that are 200 watts, anything less will not provide enough power.
    • "Soft white" light bulbs are a good matsch for the tungsten white balance setting in your camera to provide more accurate color.
    • A white cloth shower curtain makes an excellent diffusion material for softening the lights.
    • A small diffusion tent for photographing objects can be made out of 3/4" PVC corner elbows and pre cut 3/4" PVC tubing cut to size for less $10. Two panels size 30"X30" will allow you to handle most objects.
    • A tripod is required in order to get good focus. Since you are shooting indoor, you will not be able to handhold the camera without getting blurry images.