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Student Pulse

    The Student Pulse is a visual tool designed to provide you with immediate feedback on your performance within your online class. The Pulse indicator appears on your Home page next to each of your courses.

    Student Pulse: user Home

    Student Pulse: User Home

    The pulse is displayed in one of three colors: green, yellow, or red. 


    Green indicates an acceptable performance in this area of your class.
    Yellow indicates that more work needs to be done and that you need to increase your effort in this area of your class.
    Red indicates that you are struggling in this area of your class. Please contact your instructor or ARC-Online Academic Support to get assistance with this portion of your class.

    Your overall Pulse is determined by six different metrics:

    • Average assignment grade
    • Average exam score
    • Average posts per module
    • Average quiz score
    • Module progress or course content that has been read
    • Total absences

    Clicking on the indicator will show you how well you are doing on each metric.

    Student Pulse Detail

    Student Pulse Details

    If any one of these metrics is yellow or red, your overall pulse color will reflect that color as well.

    Please note that while the Student Pulse is based in part on your assignment grades and quiz/exam scores, it does not directly reflect your actual grade and may not account for all of the factors that your instructor considers in determining your overall grade for a course. Rather, the Pulse provides a general overview of your performance based on the data recorded. Any questions regarding your in-class performance or grade should be directed to your instructor.

    If you believe your student pulse is displaying incorrect information, please contact the Online Help Desk. The Help Desk may be reached in three ways:

    • By phone: 888-431-2787
    • By email: online@academyart.edu
    • By clicking the Help link at the top of the screen 
    Contact the Help Desk