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Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Management

    The Academy of Art University provides a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite to students with active undergraduate or graduate enrollments. The subscription becomes available for you to request starting on the first day of the current semester in which you are enrolled, and at any point during an active semester.

    After 365 days the subscription will expire. if you are enrolled in class at this time you may renew your subscription by repeating by requesting a new key through your portal. This will activate it for another year. You may do this for as long as you are actively enrolled in Graduate or undergraduate classes. You will not be able to place another order for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription renewal until the anniversary (expire date) of your last order.

    You may install the Adobe Creative Cloud software on a new computer by signing into your Adobe account in the Adobe website, then proceed to Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Downloads, from here you will be able to download the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application into your new computer. You do not need to request a second redemption code if you already have an existing active subscription.

    Adobe Account/Subscription Management

    When you have your redemption code, you must register it to your Adobe account.  You will be responsible for managing your personal adobe account and keeping track of your Adobe ID login credentials. When your click "Redeem Now" from your order page you will initially be prompted to create a new Adobe account. However there will also be a link where you may log into your existing Adobe Account if you have one.  If you require assistance recovering your adobe account credentials, you must follow the instructions made available on the Adobe.com login screen by clicking "Forgot Password?" Your Creative Cloud software, after it is redeemed, is only accessible from the account on which it was activated. We strongly encourage you to keep a record at the time of your subscription activation that contains your Adobe ID or email address associated with your adobe account, your Adobe Password and your redemption code. Keeping a record of this information will be helpful if you encounter any complications.

    Potential Errors and How to Address Them

    Code already redeemed

    Code Already Redeamed

    Students sometimes encounter this error usually when they are unsure whether they have activated their subscription or if they are trying to install the software on to a second computer. This error indicates that the redemption code has already been applied to an Adobe account. Students sometimes inadvertently create a second Adobe account attributed to an alternate email address. Other times, the code might have been properly applied to the desired Adobe ID but the Creative Cloud app on the computer is not logged into that account. Generally, this error can be avoided by keeping a record of your Adobe account at the time of the subscription's redemption. If you are encountering this message and are not sure why, contact the Online Help Desk.

    Maximum Requests


    You have already ordered this product (or a related product) the maximum number of times permitted: You may encounter this error on our distributor's site if you are attempting to renew your Adobe subscription early or otherwise attempting to place a request for a subscription within the active lifespan of an existing subscription. If you believe you have encountered this in error, please contact the Online Help Desk for assistance.

    Software Technical Errors

    If you encounter technical errors in the software after successfully activating your subscription, Adobe Technical Support is the proper point of contact. Often these errors will produce an error code. This information is useful for Adobe to properly diagnose a problem and offer a resolution.