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Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription


Important note: Adobe recently released Creative Cloud 2019; however, Academy computer labs will be running Creative Cloud 2018 during the Spring 2019 semester. Files created in the latest version of an application may not open correctly in older versions. If you expect to work on files on both your own computer and a lab computer, you may want to wait before updating. Be sure to also check with your instructors regarding application versions and file formats.

It is possible to have multiple versions of Creative Cloud applications installed at the same time on a single computer. See installation instructions at the bottom of this page.

Starting in the Fall 2018 semester, Academy of Art University students and faculty will no longer need to obtain software keys to access Adobe Creative Cloud. Instead, you will use your Academy email address to log in directly to Adobe.

The full Adobe Creative Cloud suite is available to students with active undergraduate or graduate student enrollments. This subscription becomes available on the first day of the current semester in which you are enrolled (and at any point during the current semester). Graduating students are currently being offered a one-year extension to their Creative Cloud subscription (upon graduation) to assist their transition as working artists.

To get started, visit the Adobe login page and sign in with your Academy email address. The format of your Academy email address is your username appended with @art.edu (or @i.art.edu for faculty). For example, if your student username is JSMITH2, your email address will be jsmith2@art.edu. Your password for Creative Cloud is the same one you use to log into the Online Learning System.

(You can find more information about Academy email at https://www.academyart.edu/resources/academy-email.)

Adobe Login

Once logged in, you will be able to download Adobe Creative Cloud products through the Adobe.com website or the Adobe Application Manager.

Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud and its family of applications at adobe.com/creativecloud.

Migrating Your Pre-existing Adobe Creative Cloud

After signing in to your account for the first time, you will be automatically taken to the Asset Migration Consent page. If you do not have files you wish to migrate to your new account, simply select No.

If, however, you have files in your old Adobe account that you would like to migrate, take the following steps before selecting Yes.

Adobe Asset Migration


Sign in to your old Adobe account. To ensure that you do not lose any work, make a backup copy. Then sign out of your Adobe account using the device from which you want to initiate asset migration. The migration process automatically signs you out of all of your other devices, if any.

The process migrates all supported content from your Adobe account. If you have any content in your account that you do not want to migrate, remove that content from your old Adobe account before you initiate the migration process. (You can also remove it later from your new account.)


After you complete the pre-migration tasks, log out of your old Adobe account and sign in to your new account. Select the Yes option on the Asset Migration Consent prompt and click Continue.

Once you begin the process, don't make any changes to your content until you see a message indicating that the migration is complete.

Installing Multiple Versions of Creative Cloud Applications on a Single Computer

You can have more than one version of a Creative Cloud application installed at the same time. You may choose to keep an older version of an application when installing a new version, or install an older version after you have already installed a new version.

Keep an Older Version When Installing the New Version

By default, installing a new version of a Creative Cloud application automatically removes previous versions of that application, but you can choose to keep older versions.

  1. In the Adobe Application Manager, click the Update button next to the appropriate application.

  2. In the Update Confirmation dialog box, click Advanced Options.

  3. Deselect the Remove Old Versions check box.

  4. Click Update.

Add an Older Version

If you have already installed or updated to the latest version of an application, it is possible to also install an older version of that application.

  1. In the Adobe Application Manager, click the down arrow on the right side of the Update button for an application.

  2. Click Manage.

  3. Click Other Versions.

  4. Click Install next to the appropriate version.