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Updating or Changing Your Preferred Name

Your preferred name and prefix or suffix choices will display in Student Self Service, on class rosters (both online and on site), and on your student profile in the Online Learning System.

To begin, log into the Online Learning System.

Logging into the LMS

Make sure you are on the "Portal" section of the page. You can find it by clicking the "Portal" link in the top navigation of the page.

Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Student Self Service" link.

Student Self Service link on LMS Portal

Now, use your login credentials to access your student record.

Student Self Service login page

Once inside the Student Center, scroll down to the "Personal Information" section and click on the "Names."

Student Self Service page

On the "Names" page, you'll be given the option to edit your Primary and Preferred name. Click the red pencil icon to make changes to your name.


In the Change Name page, you have the ability to make updates to your name and your name?s prefix and suffix. Once everything has been updated, click the yellow "Save" button.


Changes to your information may take 24-48 hours to synch with the Academy systems.  

Request an Official Name Change 

Official name change requests must go through the Office of the Registrar. Be prepared to provide supporting documentation of the legal change. Accepted documents include: 1) government-issued photo ID with new/corrected name, and 2) Social Security card, valid (current) passport, court decree, birth certificate, etc.

Official names will be reflected on diplomas and all formal correspondence from the University.