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Register for Classes


Go to www.academyart.edu. Click Login and sign in using your username and password.


Make sure the Students tile is selected. Choose Degree Progress. This page could take several minutes to load.


Once the Degree Progress page is available, you can click the Open Schedule Planner button.

Or you can scroll down the page and review the courses you need to take next before opening the Schedule Planner.


The Schedule Planner will open pre-populated with the courses your advisor has approved for you.


With the Schedule Planner open, check to make sure you are looking at the correct semester. Use the dropdown menu to choose the right one.


Finish the registration process by clicking the Register button. If the button is grayed out, check with your advisor.


There are several reasons the Register button may be grayed out:

  • Your advisor needs to pre-approve your schedule.
  • There is a hold on your account.
  • SAP or Academic Probation.
  • You are not attempting to register for enough units (international students are required to register for nine units.)
  • The class is full or canceled.



You will receive a breakdown of all your classes. Click the Pay and Register button to complete the process. There is a minimum fee of $120 required.


If you need help, please call 415-618-8617 to make an appointment with your advisor.