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Portfolio: Create & Manage



Your portfolio represents you, your skills, your work, your achievements. You will use it through out your academic career at the Academy of University to share your work with others.

Portfolios can be as simple as a single collection or you can have multiple collections of work. Using collections allows you to group your work around related themes and create collections for specific purposes. You can publish the entire portfolio, with all your collections, or make individual collections available selectively. It's up to you.

Accessing Your Portfolio

You can access and edit your portfolio from multiple locations. It is available from your Portal/Dashboard under the "Students" tile. The link in the first list titled "Academic Portal."



Your portfolio pulls in the public information from your Profile, including your photo, public email, website and biography. You can edit or remove any of that information at any time from the "Public Profile" tab in your "Profile".



Creating & Managing Collections

Portfolio includes collections. Collections can be added and edited separately. Collections can be Published separately and shared separately.

To add a Collection click the "Add Collection" button.



You will be prompted to enter a title and short description for the collection. The upload limit for your new collection is stated below the description field, on the right.



Adding Artwork

Click the "Upload File" button to add artwork. Enter a title and browse for your file. The Collections can support all types of file including all the standard image formats, video, Unity and Flash games.



You have the option to include a description (caption), a category and a creation date.

Click "Upload Artwork."

You can re-order the work in your collection. Just drag and drop the image tiles into the order that works best. You can also edit and delete the individual tiles.