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Labs Reservations


How to reserve time in a Lab

  • Log into the Online Learning System to reserve time in a Lab.
  • Navigate to your personal home page using the home icon in the upper left. The enrollment pod to the right of your photo will have two tabs labeled "Enrollments" and "Labs/Workshops". Click on "Labs/Workshops". You should see the Labs where you can make a reservation.
  •  Click "Make Reservation".

Adding a Reservation

  • Select a specific Lab from drop down menu.
  • If you have not done so already, click on the "Policy" tab. Review and accept the Lab Policy. Click "Continue to Lab Reservations".
  • Select the reservations tab. Click ADD NEW RESERVATION to reserve lab time (Remember, you must have allotted hours for each individual lab)
  • Select Date, Start Time and End Time for your reservation (See the Description tab for lab information, hours and equipment)
  • Click SAVE to confirm your reservation.

Editing A Reservation

  • Click on an existing reservation in the calendar view
  • Edit Date, Start Time and/or End Time for your reservation
  • Click SAVE to confirm your reservation changes



Deleting A Reservation

  • Click Delete in an existing reservation
  • Confirm the deleted reservation