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Student Project Collaboration



Great things happen when artists collaborate! Large-scale efforts require a team with diverse skills. Use the Student Project Collaboration tool to find a project to work on, post a project invite others to work with you or find talented people with the skills you need to get the job done.

Opt-in & Manage Your Skills from Your Profile

You can choose and manage what information about yourself you want to share from your user Profile. You can share your user name, contact information, portfolio and skill sets. Go to your Profile and choose the Public Profile tab.

From the Public Profile tab you can share:

  • a public email address,
  • the URL of a personal site,
  • your Portfolio,
  • a short Biography,
  • and a attach a Resume as a PDF.



In the Skills section check off the different skills you would like to share.

To share your personal information you YOU MUST OPT-IN. To opt-in, mark the checkbox option at the bottom of the Public Profile tab. Opting in will include your personal information in the talent search of the Student Project Collaboration tool.

You are free to opt-out at anytime.



Posting a Project

Posting a project in the Student Project Collaboration tool is easy. Go to the Student Project Collaboration from the Student tile in your Dashboard.



Click on the Post Project button:

  1. Title & Description: add a title and short description
  2. URL?s: If you have a website or video you want to link to, enter the title of the site and the URL
  3. Contact Information: If you added your email and made it public on the public profile it will be the default email for your project. You can over write it  and/or change it to a phone number.
  4. Close Date:  The date that the project will no longer be visible to other students.
  5. Category:  Select one or more categories. The categories are used to search and filter projects.
  6. Skills:  Click on the skills you are looking for from other students to help with your project.
    Note:  These are the same skills that are found in the Public Profile.
  7. Click on ?Post Project.?

 Your projects will appear as a list under the My projects panel. To edit a project, click on the project?s name.


Finding a Project

You can filter on Major, Career, Category and Skills.  You should filter on your skill set so you can see if you are a good match to help other students on projects.

To broaden your search and view more projects, remove some of the filters.

When you find a project that looks interesting, click on either the Project name or View under Details.



Finding Talent

To find other students with the skills you need to help you with your project:

  • Click on the Find Student Talent tab
  • Filter by Major, Career and/or Skills
  • If you find someone who looks like a good match, click on the students name or view their Portfolio to view their Public Profile and published collections of work.