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Topic Access Dates: For assignments, the due date is the deadline by which you must submit your work for a given module. 

The closing date is the date after which no further posts or comments are allowed. Instructors may extend the closing date beyond the due date to allow you time to review and post comments on your classmates' work.

Work posted after the due date but before the closing date will be marked as late. (Note: Different instructors may have different policies regarding late work.)


Open Grading Interface: In an assignment, this blue button displays your grade. Click it to see private comments from your instructor and a snapshot of your performance.

In a discussion (i.e., in a non-gradable topic), this button says "Activity." Click it to see an overview of your participation. 


Hide / Show: The Description and the Instructor Updates fields can take up a lot of room on the page. If you hide (close) them, the system will remember your settings the next time you open the topic. 


Topic Description and Instructor Update: You will always find the Description for a topic at the top of the page.

In some assignments, you may also see an Instructor Update box, where your instructor has provided additional information about this particular assignment. 



Sorting Tools: You can use these options to determine the order in which posts are displayed.

  • My Posts & Comments: Places your own posts at the top of the display, followed by posts upon which you have commented.
  • Date: The default display mode, which sorts all posts in chronological order (newest posts at the bottom) by original posting date. You can reverse this sort (newest posts on top).
  • New/Unread: The most useful sort in most cases -- puts any posts you have not read at the top, followed by posts with comments you have not reviewed.
  • Flagged: Prioritizes posts you have flagged.
  • Instructor: Helps you to find your instructor's comments and critiques.
  • Name: Sorts all posts alphabetically by last name.

Pagination: You will find links to additional pages here. In the grid view, a new page is created after 24 posts. In the list view, a new page occurs after 12 posts.


Layout Options: These tools allow you to customize the topic layout, regardless of the default layout.

  • The grid view displays all posts as cards in a grid, with a thumbnail image to represent the content the user has included.
  • The list view displays all posts in a list, with the full content displayed for each post. Comments can be opened and closed by the user, all at once or post by post.