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Recording Video on Your Mobile Device


Shooting and uploading video with your smartphone or tablet is a quick and easy way to bring your discussion posts to life. Some instructors may require that you use video during critiques, or you may simply find it to be an advantageous way of showcasing your work. Be sure to pay attention to the requirements of your assignments. Your instructors may have specific expectations for the files you submit.
Remember, uploading images over your phone can eat into your data plan. Here a few helpful tips to save you time and protect your wallet.


Try to keep the duration of your video under two minutes. By being clear and concise, you?ll have a video that?s easier for your instructors and classmates to follow. And the longer your video is, the more time and data it will take to upload.


While almost every new mobile device comes with the ability to record video, you likely have a limited data plan, so it makes sense to not use data unnecessarily. While you can record anywhere you'd like, try to upload your videos when your device is connected to Wi-Fi in your home or at a public place such as a cafe or library. You might also want to consider transferring the video file to your computer and then uploading from there.

File Size

The quality of smartphone cameras is improving at an amazing rate, but with an increase in resolution comes an increase in file size. Free apps such as Video Compress can drastically reduce the file size of your finished video for quicker upload to the online classroom.