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List View: Individual Posts


Individual Post: Green highlighting identifies new posts (this one has already been viewed). Post number, time, and date are listed at the top. The full contents of each post are displayed, followed by comments. 


Thumbnails: Attached files are presented in thumbnails.


Pushdown Viewer: Browser-viewable images may be viewed in larger format in a pushdown window, as shown here, or in a new browser tab/window.

Video and audio files in certain formats may be played within the interface. Other files must be downloaded.


Post Tools: You can flag a post for follow-up and then easily find it again using the Flagged sort option.

You can also copy the URL of the post so that you can refer to it elsewhere.

And you can download all the attached files in a batch, with a single click.


Comment Thread: When a post is expanded, comments from your instructor and classmates are displayed in a chronological list below the post.


Icons and Alerts: These icons show what elements are included with this post (attached files; comments from your instructor, including whiteboard markup; and comments from other students). New additions are highlighted with red bubbles.


Add Comment: You can join the conversation by adding a comment. (To start a new conversation or submit work, you may need to create a new post.)