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Grid View: Cards


Thumbnail Teaser: A thumbnail image, or poster, serves as a teaser for the post contents. You can select a thumbnail from among the images you have uploaded.

Click the thumbnail image or any icon to display the full contents of a post (i.e., to show the back of the card).


Time Stamp: Posts are numbered based on the time and date they were originally created.

The time when a post was created (or last edited) is listed here.

New posts are highlighted in green.


Icons and Alerts: These icons show what elements are included with this post (attached files; comments from the instructor, including whiteboard markup; and student comments). New additions are highlighted with red bubbles.

Click any icon to open the post.


Add a Comment: Clicking this icon opens the post and lets you make a comment in response to it.

Comments are displayed in chronological order under the full post. 


Profile, Portfolio, and Email: When you click on someone's name, a menu of tools appears:

  • Profile: Opens the user's profile in a new tab
  • Portfolio: Opens the user's portfolio, if any, in a new tab
  • Email: Opens a blank message in a new tab