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Grid View: All Posts


Hide / Show the Description and the Instructor Update: The Description and the Instructor Updates fields may take up a lot of room on the page. If you hide (close) them, as shown here, the system will remember your settings the next time you open the topic.


Create New Post: Click this button to open the interface for creating a new post.


Sorting Tools: You can use these options to determine the order in which posts are displayed.

  • My Posts & Comments: Places your own posts at the top of the display, followed by posts upon which you have commented.
  • Date: The default display mode, which sorts all posts in chronological order (newest posts at the bottom) by original posting date. You can reverse this sort (newest posts on top).
  • New/Unread: The most useful sort in most cases -- puts any posts you have not read at the top, followed by posts with comments you have not reviewed.
  • Flagged: Prioritizes posts you have flagged.
  • Instructor: Helps you to find your instructor's comments and critiques.
  • Name: Sorts all posts alphabetically by last name.


Grid View: Two display options are available for posts: a grid view (shown here) and a list view.

You will submit your work or begin a new conversation by creating a post.

In the grid view, each post is displayed as a card or tile, with a single thumbnail image and icons indicating activity.

Each page displays up to twenty-four posts (or cards). New posts are highlighted in green.

When you click on (open) any post, you can see its complete contents (text, attached files, etc.) and any comments that your the instructor or classmates have made on the post.