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Composing: Posts and Comments


Subject: Be sure to add a title to your post or comment


Tag Classmates: When you tag a classmate, they are alerted to your post in their notification center.


Text Row: Type or paste your text into the box. Use the handle in the lower right-hand corner to adjust the size of the box. Use the menu of tools to format your text and to insert web links.


File Options: Click the picture icon to designate a particular image as the poster, or teaser, thumbnail for the post.The selected thumbnail (checked) will display on the front of the card to represent the post. (Files attached to comments do not have poster thumbnails.)

Use the arrows to rotate an image to the correct orientation, if necessary. Click the trashcan to delete an uploaded file.

Drag and drop the thumbnails to change the order of your attachments.


Row Options: Click the trashcan to delete a row. Use the up and down arrows to reorder the rows.


Adding New Rows: Posts and comments are made up of rows of content. A row can consist of text or code or uploaded media or embedded media from the web. A row can also be added to record video or audio comments. Click an icon to add a row.

When you open the composing interface, a text row and an uploaded media row are displayed initially.

Your content is auto-saved as you work.


Add Media: Attach files from your computer by dragging and dropping or by browsing. On mobile devices, tap to upload or to access the camera.

You can photograph artwork or record video directly from your smartphone or tablet. Just tap the Add Files option.


Flag as Question for the Instructor: Have a question? You can alert your instructor to it by toggling this feature on. Your instructor will be notified that this specific post has an unanswered question.


Cancel, Preview, or Post: You can cancel a new post or comment at any time. Preview the post or comment to see how it will appear. When you are happy with how it looks, click the Post button.