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This page explains two step-by-step ways to change the fonts in the Safari web browser running on Mac OS X systems for every time you surf the internet. However, note that due to Safari browser limitations, some web pages will not change from their standard fonts.

Note: The following abbreviations for keys on the Mac are used: Ctrl is used for the Control key, Apple is used for the Command key, and Alt is used for the Option key. For keyboard access, make sure "Full keyboard access" is turned on--you can turn it on or off by pressing Ctrl+F1 at any time.

Method One: Safari's System Preferences

Step 1: Create new CSS code

Type your CSS code into a plain text editor such as TextEdit or TextWrangler. Save the document with a .css extension to a location of your choosing such as /Users/<username>/CSS/AppleChancery.css

The CSS code for the Apple Chancery font:


* {     font-family: inherit !important; } html {     font-family: 'Apple Chancery' !important; }


Note: For this solution to work, you'll need to select a font that is already installed on your computer.

Step 2: Change Safari's Preferences to Include Your New Style Sheet

Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Style Sheet from Safari's menu bar and click the selection button. Select "Other..." from the pop-up menu and navigate to the location of your CSS file. Select and press the Enter key. Enjoy your new Safari font.

Advanced settings in Safari

Method Two: Safari Extension

Step 1: Get the Extension

Download and install the "Stylish" extension from Apple's website or from the developer's website. Double-click on the extension from your Downloads folder and click on the "Install" button.

Stylish extention warning

Step 2: Enable the Extension

If the Stylish button labeled with an "S" isn't visible in Safari's toolbar, navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions from Safari's menu bar, select Stylish from the Extensions viewer and select "Enable Stylish". Click on the Stylish button in Safari's toolbar and click on the "Manage" button. A new tab or window will open to the Styles Manager.

Step 3: Edit and Apply Your New Font

Click on "Edit" from the selections pane and enter your CSS code in the "CSS:" text box. Click the "Applies to:" selection button and select "Global" from the pop-up menu. Give your style a title and click the "Save Style" button.

Edit style in Stylish n preferences

Step 4: Navigate to the Stylish button in Safari's toolbar and click on it. Click on the name you gave your style and the grey selection indicator will turn green. Enjoy your font!