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Change the Keyboard Settings on Your Mac

Change your computer's delay rate and repeat rate

There are two keyboard settings you can adjust to help you with your typing, so you can set one length of time for how long the computer waits before repeating a keystroke for the first time, different to further keystrokes. By setting the repeat rate to a higher speed than the delay rate, the keyboard will accelerate when a key is held beyond the first repeated keystroke. This is important for tasks such as backspacing over an entire word, so you don't have to wait as long for every single keystroke.

Step 1: Open the "Keyboard & Mouse" window

Make sure you are in "Finder." If necessary, press Apple+Tab to cycle through the open applications until you return to "Finder."

Click on the "Apple" icon on the menu bar or press Ctrl+F2.

Click on "System Preferences," as shown in fig. 1, or press the down arrow key to highlight it and then press Enter.

fig. 1


In the "System Preferences" window (shown in fig. 2), click on the "Keyboard" icon.

fig. 2

System Preferences: Keyboard

In the "Keyboard" window (shown in fig. 3), make sure the "Keyboard" tab is selected.

Step 2: Adjust the repeat rate

To change the rate at which a key repeats when it is held down, click on the "Key Repeat" slider as shown in fig. 3 to select a more comfortable repeat rate.

fig. 3

System Preferences: Keyboard: Key Repeat

Step 3: Adjust the delay rate

To change the delay before a key starts repeating when it is held down, click on the "Delay Until Repeat" slider as shown in fig. 4 to select a more comfortable delay rate.

fig. 4

System Preferences: Keyboard: Delay Until Repeat

When you are finished, click on the window's red close button or press Apple+W.